One of the most significant differences between getting a re-roof (or total roof replacement) and repairing is the cost. Repairing is more affordable, but prices differ from home to home, so there really is no standard price. Certain variables, such as the size in square metres, your current roof’s material and condition, and the new roof’s material, as well, play essential roles in determining the final cost. We also have to factor in the accessibility for our team’s highly skilled tradespeople.

To give you an idea of the re-roofing cost, an average 3×1 residential property starts from $25,000. The total price goes up based on the variables mentioned above.

Re-Roofing FAQs

Like with other building projects, re-roofing comes in a number of stages, from the initial preparation to pre-installation prepping until the completion of the re-roofing process. For a standard house, re-roofing usually takes four to five days. For larger and more complex projects, such as commercial roofs, we may take up to a couple of weeks to complete the task.

The length of time it will take to re-roof your house depends on the size and complexity of your roof, pertaining to the angles, valleys, pitch, and the like. Other factors that may come into play are weather conditions, roof accessibility, and the time of the year.

Yes, it is! We stand by the quality of our workmanship and our choice of materials. That’s why we provide a seven-year workmanship warranty on all our projects. Meanwhile, the products we use also come with up to 30 years of material warranty.

Please note that warranties vary on materials, depending on your home’s proximity to “breaking surf.” How far inland your house will tell us how much the roofing material will be distressed by salt-bearing sea breezes. We will provide you with the warranty details so you know what to expect and how you can claim against it in case something goes wrong.

No, you don’t! A building permit may not always be required for re-roofing. However, some factors call for licences from the city council. For example, if your current roof is to be re-roofed with similar material, such as tile or sheet, approval may not be needed.

On the other hand, if the existing tile material is re-roofed with sheets, structural implications may be considered. Insulation and underlays, as well as the presence of asbestos, may call for a licence or permit from authorities. But don’t worry; Perth Re-Roofing takes care of all of this for you. We do all the legwork to make the process easier and in compliance.

We do not require you or any member of your household to be present as we re-roof your home. However, should anyone be in the vicinity, we will make sure that they are safe. Perth Re-Roofing always guarantees every individual’s safety and property, as well.

We know that re-roofing can be a hurdle to some of your daily activities, but it is our goal to minimise the impact of the project. Therefore, we do not stop you from staying in the house if you wish to do so, and neither do we tell you to leave. It is all up to you!

We have a team of highly-trained individuals with years of experience dealing with roofs, whether it is sunny, gloomy, or rainy. Although very rare in our case, problems can still occur, even if we do our best to prevent them in the first place.

Unforeseen events can arise, but you can count on us to guide you throughout the way. We never fail to inform you, the customer, about the circumstance. Then, we will give you suggestions that will help solve the issue with as little disturbance and additional cost as possible.

Yes, we do! We are covered by public liability insurance, giving you the peace of mind needed if ever our staff causes any damage or injury to your property.

For building projects costing over $20,000, the law obliges you to have indemnity insurance. This insurance protects your investment in the future if the building company goes out of business. With this policy, you’re covered for the cost of repairs and maintenance that would otherwise be covered by your warranty.

We will organise your insurance for you, and the cost will be shown on your contract. We will provide you with insurance certificates, as well, before the commencement of your project.

Yes! We are a proud member of the Master Builders Association, an organisation recognised in all Australian states and territories. MBA has offices in all capital cities and is widely known as the voice of the country’s building and construction industries.

Being a member of Master Builders is a hallmark of dedication to quality. Only roofers and builders who demonstrate high standards of integrity, accountability, and skill generally become a part of this reputable association.

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