Preparing for a Reroof

Finished reroofing project.
June 20, 2022

Having your roof replaced can feel overwhelming, but a new roof will protect your home for decades to come. If you have concerns about installing a new roof, we’ve put together a guide to help you know what to expect and how to prepare your home for a roof replacement.

1. Prep the Inside

While experienced roofers will do everything they can to minimise noise and dust during the re-roofing process, heavy construction will inevitably cause vibrations. To avoid any items shifting or falling from vibrations, consider taking down the following beforehand:

  • Mirrors
  • Artwork
  • Hanging decor
  • Photos

You may also want to consider removing any light fixtures attached to the walls on the upper floors.

2. Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

When your roof is being replaced, your home is officially a work zone. This means certain materials, construction equipment, and obstacles may pose a hazard to pets or children. The noise may also be disruptive, especially to sensitive pets.

During the re-roofing process, children and pets should be kept inside when the crew is on-site. It is also important to educate your children on the process of replacing the roof and the different ways to stay safe. Let your children know certain areas of the home and yard will be off-limits during the work.

Consider visiting friends and family when the work is happening, finding a loved one to watch your children, or having a friend pet-sit for the duration of the work.

3. Relocate Vehicles

Allows the roofing crew quick access to the roof by moving any vehicles out of the way. This gives the roofing crew clear access when they need to load sheets, tools, or supplies or unload debris and will help the re-roofing process move along smoothly.

4. Move Patio Furniture, Grills, and Yard Decor

Lawn ornaments, yard decor, potted plants, patio furniture, and grills are best stored away from the work zone to protect them against falling debris. Consider moving any yard decor and furniture a safe distance away from the work zone and covering it with a tarp. Better yet, store these items inside a shed or garage until the re-roof is complete.

Reroofing process.

5. Prepare Your Trees and Yard

If you want to help the roof replacement go as smoothly as possible, it is helpful to trim any overhanging trees and branches near the roof. A good roofing contractor will use drop cloths to protect the grass. However, we still recommend cutting your grass the day before the re-roof so it is more difficult for any debris to hide once it comes time for clean-up.

6. Be a Good Neighbor

Replacing your home’s roof will add value to your home, helping to boost the property values of neighbouring homes as well. While neighbours will appreciate this aspect of your project, there will be some noise during the re-roofing process.

Replacing a roof involves a considerable amount of noise, making it courteous to give your neighbours a heads up on the work to be done and a general timeframe of how long the process will take. Your neighbours will surely appreciate the consideration, especially if they have children or pets.

7. Make Sure the Roofing Company Has Clear Access to Your Roof

A professional roofing company will complete the roof replacement while creating the least amount of disruption possible. However, replacing a roof is still a huge project that requires a fair amount of space around your home. Make sure to clear the perimeter of your home before the project to ensure the roofing company has unobstructed access to your roof.

8. Remove or Cover Valuables in the Attic

If you have an attic, you’ll want to protect valuables against dust and debris. We recommend moving your valuables to another room during the roof replacements. If that is not possible, carefully cover important items to help keep them protected during the process.

Roofers are work.

Roof Replacement in Perth

If your Perth home needs a new roof, our team at Perth Re-Roofing offers the finest materials and workmanship. We strive to make our roofing company as customer-centric as possible, ensuring an affordable, straightforward, quality roof replacement.

From the time you choose to contact us, we immediately begin providing the highest quality service. We start by giving you a free same-day quote using state-of-the-art technology to get you a clear idea of how much it costs to replace a roof in Perth.

If you are happy with the cost of re-roof your home, we’ll make a site visit to assess your roof’s condition, explain the roof replacement process to you, and answer any questions. If everything sounds good to you, we can quickly begin work on replacing your roof.

Our licensed and insured tradesmen have years of experience in re-roofing in Perth. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way as we replace your roof and maintain clear communication with you. We also strive to minimise expenses and delays to ensure your new roof is finished as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

Not sure how to tell if your home needs a new roof? Check out our blog on the 5 Signs You Need a New Roof or contact us with any questions.